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Words at the Speed of Thought...

Principle Twelve: Fortitude

Fortitude Kanji © 2018 "Winning Fights"-  illustrator Musashi Reeder who was born in the city of Ritto, which is located in the Shiga prefecture of Japan -

Fortitude is a principle from my book, "Winning Fights", that seems appropriate to share during this time.  Fortitude begins with willingness and ends with never giving up.  It is having mental and emotional strength to face adversity.  All of us must embrace the inner fighter to achieve this principle.
This is a challenge as a fighter's toughest challenge ends up being himself.  We become our biggest obstacle.  We must identify these challenges that have become obstacles that affect our performance and perception of reality.  This requires a higher level of thinking.  We must learn to rise above emotion and engage this level of thought.  This requires insight.
We must understand what we can control and what we cannot control.  This way we focus on what we want rather than what we don't want. Focusing on what can be controlled prevents us from sabotaging success.
Successful fighters ultimately learn to manage fear of failure.  In fact, they embrace failure by using every obstacle as a learning experience that moves a fighter closer to achieving a goal.
Fortitude is about developing this mental muscle.  Couple the principle of fortitude with the principle of discipline to forge ahead decisively creates a warrior difficult to beat.   Fortitude is a formidable principle.

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