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Words at the Speed of Thought...

Massad Ayoob

Massad Ayoob is one of my hero's and a Law Enforcment icon.  He has authored 1,000's of articles on firearms, combat techniques & legal issues over the years.  He has been editor of several Gun Magazines including "American Handgunner" & "Guns & Ammo".


He is a former Police Officer & has authored dozens of books.   He has appeared on the Sportsman Channel on Personal Defense TV and served on many national law enforcement boards while continuing to testify in shooting cases nationwide defending law enforcement officers.  He currently trains others through his own organization - Massad Ayoob Group.


The photo is when we both were much younger.  It was only natural to ask him to write the Foreward to my book, "Winning Fights".  He is certainly one of the most well known national experts on self defense & Firearm use making him well qualified to comment on the book.


I am thankful for his friendship & appreciate him taking the time to write the Foreward as the book continues to climb the charts in the Martial Arts & Sports Psychology genre.  Check out Massad's many works including his classic: "In the Gravest Extreme".    Again, many thanks to my friend Massad Ayoob for supporting "Winning Fights".

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