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by Phillip M. Stephens

The Fifth Dimension

Stan Kidder's marriage is in turmoil. A CIA operative, he discovers his best friend is missing, explosions erupt in Korea, Chinese subs are operating in the Red Sea and satellites are blown from the sky. Stan soon joins unlikely allies trying to make sense of the chaos. The Christian Intelligence Group (CIG) monitors an unseen dimension with the same sophistication as the world's leading intelligence agencies tracking spiritual darkness that impacts world events. When the Ark of the Covenant is stolen and his wife missing amid global upheaval, Stan must decide who to trust to save the world.Stan must learn to trust what he cannot see...



The Fifth Dimension

* Winning Fights: 12 Proven Principles for Winning on the Street, in the Ring, at Life


Winning Fights focuses on 2,500 years of proven fighting principles originating from Eastern concepts and proceeding to the modern era. This book is for pugilists seeking an edge in competition as well as soldiers and law enforcement officers facing conflict. Like The Art of War and The Book of Five Rings, however, many of its lessons also apply to the world of business and negotiation.

Dr. Stephens looked beyond the technical to the conceptual and found that winning fights requires twelve core principles: preparation, awareness, commitment, lethality, efficiency, discipline, power, focus, fierceness, surprise, timing, and fortitude.

This book features:

Twelve principles for winning fights
A survey of Eastern and Western traditions
An intelligent yet accessible discussion of these concepts

With this book you will

Learn to see beyond fighting tactics, which change, to fighting principles, which endure
See your training in powerful new ways

"Winning Fights is based on principles, not techniques," Dr. Stephens writes. "Technique is important, but techniques change, adapt, and evolve. Principles are timeless."


*  Winning Fights: 12 Proven Principles for Winning on the Street, in the Ring, at Life

Winning Elections: Behind Enemy Lines with the GOP - Corporate Publishing

Politics/Social Sciences > Elections


Imagine a region dominated for over a century by a single political party.  Then imagine the emergence of a mixed band of conservartive Democrat & Republican political operators determined to break political monopolies.  Fighting for the cause of freedom this team made political history electing the first Republicans in a Democratic stronghold.


Their approach, technique & method is now a textbook for winning elections.


Hard core Republicans consider them rebels.  Democratic opponents call them political hitmen.  But their mission is fighting for freedom that must be won with every election.  The skills contained here are more important than ever.  They can and must be applied everywhere to win elections.


Their incredible story is woven into this comprehensive journey of campaign craft.  It is honed by front line experience in a region Democrats thoguht they would control for another century.


They were wrong...



* Emergency Medicine: The Inside Edge

Publisher - Wolters Kluwer

ISBN 978-1496-38602-1


Concise, evidence based, and packed with quick-reference features, Emergency Medicine: The Inside Edge is your go-to source for fast, accurate decision making in emergency situations. It provides vital information on 81 frequently seen conditions –right in the pocket of your scrubs.

*Brief, evidence-based content that facilitates the thought process for quick, informed decision making – essential for every emergency health care provider.

*Validated scoring systems to support clinical decision making and justify treatment.

*Vibrant, full-color design and a readable font make reference quick and easy.

*A useful appendix contains quick-reference tables and figures on topics like myocardial infarctions, pediatric vitals, insulin scales, and more.



*  Emergency Medicine: The Inside Edge

The Future of Liberalism

The Future of Liberalism (A Handbook of Successful Liberal Ideas - Blank Book Edition) is a humorous, political novelty item for all your political friends.Designed to be given to your favorite political pundit, it predicts the future of liberalism. It challenges the reader to "Imagine Looking Inside the Mind of a Liberal". It purports to reveal what the liberal playbook looks like. When they open the book they discover all the pages are blank.Though the pages are blank, if your liberal friend comes up with any great ideas, the book is perfect to jot those moments of inspiration down. The book is a great gift that gets to the point. Conservatives can argue the liberal future is blank whereas the liberal will argue it's simply an open canvas. It's the perfect conversation item full of nothing but blank pages.



The Future of Liberalism