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Black Belt Essential Gear

Check out "Essential Gear" in the June/July 2018 issue of Black Belt Magazine p. 72-73

"Winning Fights: 12 Proven Principles for Winning on the Street, in the Ring, at Life" is Essential Gear in the June/July 2018 issue of Black Belt Magazine.  

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Advanced Praise for Winning Fights: James Wilson

"Winning Fights...is an intelligent book with knowledge gained from centuries of human combat.  Highly, highly recommended."   James Wilson, Actor - Film Producer - Martial Artist


Thanks to James E. Wilson for his support of "Winning Fights".  It was great having him review the book.  Wilson is a Martial Artist, Film Producer & Actor.  He is the brother of Don "The Dragon" Wilson who was his first martial arts student in Pai Lum Kung Fu.  His brother Don, became an 11 time World Kickboxing Champion.


Please check out his film, "The Martial Arts Kid" featuring his brother Don and another Martial Arts legend - Cynthia Rothrock who is an actress and 5 time World Champion in forms and weapons.


James Wilson's movie addresses the bullying problem young people face today.  It is a great family film.


Check out & "Like" - "The Martial Arts Kid" Facebook page by clicking HERE!  


They also have their own retail line: Dragon Traditionz

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