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Award Winning Author

Evidence-Based Nonfiction & Christian Fiction 

Phillip Stephens is a writer who explores truth across scientific disciplines.  


His passion is following evidence with the tenacity of a trained researcher and discerning approach of a critical thinker. His titles include examinations of Medical Science, Political Science, Martial Philosophy and Christian Fiction.


His titles have been published by leading publishing houses such as Wolters Kluwer & YMAA Publishing.


His book, "Winning Fights" was an American Book Fest Best Book Award Finalist.

His medical reference textbook, "Emergency Medicine: The Inside Edge", is an International favorite translated into Spanish.  


His political writing is followed by members of Congress & Washington, DC insiders. His overall work in political science has also been noted by leading National & International Media including Politico Magazine,  The Washington Examiner, The Washington Post & the UK's SKY News.  He has also been inducted into the NC Republican Party Hall of Fame.


His work in Christian Fiction bridges the gap between science & religion.  Truth emerges from the genre exploring religious topics with the same detail as his non-fiction work.




Winning Fights: 12 Proven Principles for Winning on the Street, in the Ring, at Life is a book that Kirkus Reviews says is a "clear and strongly worded fighting manual in the long tradition of Sun Tzu."  The text is a modern day handbook about handling conflict from both the physical and philisophical perspective.  It is well referenced with research that encompases ancient to moder n day texts on combat and conflict.  The title is an American Bookfest Best Book Award Finalist.


Emergency Medicine:  The Inside Edge is published by Wolters Kluwer - the largest medical textbook publisher in the world & has been translated into both Spanish & Italian.  It is a concise, evidence-based pocket reference for Emergency Medicine clinicians that facilitates rapid decision-making.


The Fifth Dimension: The Unseen is Eternal is a debut work of Christian Fiction and international intrigue ripped from tomorrows headlines.  Reviewers say the story is "Fast moving action with glimpses into another dimension, where the characters question, but yet come to realize there really is an unseen kingdom beyond this world."  The novel challenges the readers perception of an unseen realm that impacts our physical world. If you like author Frank Peretti, you will enjoy this action packed title.


Winning Elections:  Behind Enemy Lines with the GOP is a manual of campaign craft. Written from a conservative political science perspective that weaves the story of political operators along with election principles in a region that Politico Magazine said was one of the places that "mattered" in national elections.


The Future of Liberalism: A Handbook of Successful Liberal Ideas is a simple gag book.  It's pages are blank but fun to provide as a gift for the political enthusiast friend.


Blood of God:  A Medical Odyssey is currently in production.  A Christian tale that will leave the reader questioning what is fiction and what is real.  The military medical biological research labs at USAMRIID and the Centers for Disease Control are settings for a story that spans the globe that finds physicians and researchers battling a deadly virus or is it a virus? The problem is complicated by real DNA science of who is more susceptible to belief in God.  Is the God gene real and who is manipulating it?