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Words at the Speed of Thought...

Massad Ayoob

Massad Ayoob is one of my hero's and a Law Enforcment icon.  He has authored 1,000's of articles on firearms, combat techniques & legal issues over the years.  He has been editor of several Gun Magazines including "American Handgunner" & "Guns & Ammo".


He is a former Police Officer & has authored dozens of books.   He has appeared on the Sportsman Channel on Personal Defense TV and served on many national law enforcement boards while continuing to testify in shooting cases nationwide defending law enforcement officers.  He currently trains others through his own organization - Massad Ayoob Group.


The photo is when we both were much younger.  It was only natural to ask him to write the Foreward to my book, "Winning Fights".  He is certainly one of the most well known national experts on self defense & Firearm use making him well qualified to comment on the book.


I am thankful for his friendship & appreciate him taking the time to write the Foreward as the book continues to climb the charts in the Martial Arts & Sports Psychology genre.  Check out Massad's many works including his classic: "In the Gravest Extreme".    Again, many thanks to my friend Massad Ayoob for supporting "Winning Fights".

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Black Belt Essential Gear

Check out "Essential Gear" in the June/July 2018 issue of Black Belt Magazine p. 72-73

"Winning Fights: 12 Proven Principles for Winning on the Street, in the Ring, at Life" is Essential Gear in the June/July 2018 issue of Black Belt Magazine.  

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Advanced Praise for Winning Fights: James Wilson

"Winning an intelligent book with knowledge gained from centuries of human combat.  Highly, highly recommended."   James Wilson, Actor - Film Producer - Martial Artist


Thanks to James E. Wilson for his support of "Winning Fights".  It was great having him review the book.  Wilson is a Martial Artist, Film Producer & Actor.  He is the brother of Don "The Dragon" Wilson who was his first martial arts student in Pai Lum Kung Fu.  His brother Don, became an 11 time World Kickboxing Champion.


Please check out his film, "The Martial Arts Kid" featuring his brother Don and another Martial Arts legend - Cynthia Rothrock who is an actress and 5 time World Champion in forms and weapons.


James Wilson's movie addresses the bullying problem young people face today.  It is a great family film.


Check out & "Like" - "The Martial Arts Kid" Facebook page by clicking HERE!  


They also have their own retail line: Dragon Traditionz

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Advanced Praise for Winning Fights: Andrew Zerling

" A Fantastic Book!  Dr. Stephens' book "Winning Fights" deals with the timelesss twelve principles needed for victory in any conflict"  Andrew Zerling, Martial artist & author "Sumo for Mixed Martial Arts".


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Praise for Winning Fights: Author Wally Simpson

"Enjoy 'Winning Fights', and remember that fighting, while sometimes unavoidable, should be the last rather than the first thing we do in a confrontation." Wally Simpson, Martial Artist - Chinese Medicine Practitioner



Years ago when I was preparing for my 3rd Degree Black Belt - I was told to study the Dim Mak as I could appreciate it even more as a medical pratitioner.  For over a year I emersed myself in this fascinating ancient art that has both healing elements such as Acupunture & Qigong - but also deadly elements such as the Dim Mak commonly referred to as the Death Touch.  In Chinese Medicine you must know about both healing & destructive elements.  You can't learn to destroy unless you first know to heal in this view.


When writing "Winning Fights" - I corresponded with Master Wally Simpson.  He co-authored The Encyclopedia of Dim-Mak and practices Chinese Medicine in Australia.  His text was invaluable when I studied the background of Dim Mak.  He is a great guy & agreed to provide a review for my book.  His review was actually longer than the publishers included as he is passionate about Chinese Healing Arts.

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Praise for Winning Fights: Author Doug Merlino

"In 'Winning Fights', Dr. Phillip Stephens organizes wisdom both ancient and modern into a set of practical principles for approaching and prevailing in a fight, whether in or out of the ring."  Doug Merlino, author of Beast:  Blood, Struggle & Dreams at the Heart of Mixed Martial Arts



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Advanced Praise for Winning Fights: Stephen K. Hayes

Black Belt of of Fame & author of 22 books - American Ninja Stephen K. Hayes

"Dr. Phillip Stephens has penned an amazing book covering the strategic implications of martial arts." - American Ninja Stephen K. Hayes

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Advanced Praise for Winning Fights: Dale "Sunshine" Frye

Dale "Sunshine" Frye (Far Right) next to the author & other officials with the NC Boxing Authority

"It's cool to see in print the principles you lived by for so many years!"  Dale "Sunshine" Frye - Former United States Lightweight Kickboxing Champion - Two time World Kickboxing Champion - Movie & TV Stuntman

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Winning Fights Characters

UFC World Champion Amanda Nunes (Left) with Wininng Fights Author & Commissioner, NC Boxing Commission Phillip Stephens.

Thanks to UFC World Champion Amanda Nunes for her winning drive that landed her a spot in my book, "Winning Fights",  just released by the publisher this week.  Amanda beat Ronda Rousey for the World Championship.  She is a great athelete & a kind individual.


We met in Charlotte just before my book release where she met my sons.  I've never seen her complain about the constant flow of fans surrounding her each time she attends an event.  She's a great example of a winning athelete with great internal drive.

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Advanced Praise for Winning Fights: Doug Marcaida

Doug Marcaida - Marcaida Kali & The History Channel's Forged in Fire, judge

"Dr. Stephens's book outlines some key concepts that would serve as a good base of educating onself to the path of not just becoming a warrior but a warrior of wisdom."  - Doug Marcaida, Judge - The History Channel's Forged in Fire.

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