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* Winning Fights: 12 Proven Principles for Winning on the Street, in the Ring, at Life

Publisher: YMAA Publication Center

ISBN - 978-1594396007


Extensively researched, focusing on 2,500 years of proven fighting principles originating from Eastern concepts & proceeding through the modern era.

Rather than another book on technique, which change & adapt with time, the work is about enduring principles, which are timeless


* Emergency Medicine: The Inside Edge

Publisher - Wolters Kluwer

ISBN 978-1496-38602-1


Concise, evidence based, and packed with quick-reference features, Emergency Medicine: The Inside Edge is your go-to source for fast, accurate decision making in emergency situations. It provides vital information on 81 frequently seen conditions –right in the pocket of your scrubs.

*Brief, evidence-based content that facilitates the thought process for quick, informed decision making – essential for every emergency health care provider.

*Validated scoring systems to support clinical decision making and justify treatment.

*Vibrant, full-color design and a readable font make reference quick and easy.

*A useful appendix contains quick-reference tables and figures on topics like myocardial infarctions, pediatric vitals, insulin scales, and more.